Harlequin Dreams, 36x48" framed oil painting

Harlequin Dreams, 36x48" framed oil painting


   "Harlequin Dreams," a 36x48" framed oil painting, is the end result of years of studies [etchings, drawings] on the theme of beds as central to our fantasies, conception, birth, death, and dreams. A harlequin jester seems to be on his deathbed, seeing reality dissolve into a psychedelic stained glass vision of eternal rapture, while a priest rises from his bed-covers and a woman sits observant at his side. To his left, a checkered bag holds the worldly contents of his lifetime masquerade. In the distance, another bed with vague figures is perhaps from a former or future life. Or is he only dreaming this, and will soon awake, an ordinary man on an ordinary day?

Here's the statement from Eugene’s 2015 Mayor's Art Show Awards Ceremony when this painting received the Juror's Choice award: “This painting is not only well painted, but it’s subject matter is fascinating. The Jurors were continually drawn to it, and found new images and plays of patterns and colors. The artist has created an allegory that appears both personal and mythic. The imagery is specific enough to create a believable and consistent narrative, yet open enough that the audience can find their own story within the image.” 

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